5 Ways to Use Lush’s Dusting Powders

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Photo creds: Lush

1) After Body Lotion

Often after applying a thick body cream/lotion, it feels heavy and sticky on my skin. Sprinkling Lush’s dusting powders on top of the lotion and spreading it on instantly takes away the sticky feeling and leaves me moisturized, matte, soft and deliciously smelling. Lustre also gives a slight sheen (not sparkly) that looks wonderful with tans. (Sadly, it doesn’t compliment my natural skin tone…) The powders can be used on dry skin right after the shower as well. It’s not drying at all, in fact, the Silky Underwear Dusting Powder contains cocoa butter, which is very moisturizing!

2) Deodorant

I love how these powders are natural, gentle deodorants. They soak up dirt, grime and sweat and leave me smelling girly and yummy. These won’t work on days when I work out or extremely hot days though. It’s perfect as an everyday deodorant. The bottle is about the size of my palm, making it easy to carry around in my purse or to the beach. It’s also great for days when I don’t want to wear perfume!

3) Dry Shampoo

Whenever I run out of dry shampoo and forget to stock up, dusting powder are my alternatives. It works the same way as Lush’s No Drought, you just sprinkle it on your hair/hands and massage the product into your scalp. Your natural oils will be absorbed by the cornstarch in the powder and it shows up invisible on your hair. Brush it out with a hairbrush if you see some leftover residue.

4) Bed Sheets

I love to sprinkle dusting powders on my bedsheets in the summer to keep them smelling lovely and keep them dry. I sometimes sprinkle some on my clothes in the summer. I love how the scent is very subtle and not overly powerful. People would always compliment how my room smells amazing!

5) Foot Deodorizer

I hate when my flip flops/sandals get disgustingly sweaty during the summer. I love to sprinkle on a little before and after my day out with my shoes. I even use some on my work out sneakers to prevent them for smelling! The powder leaves my shoes and sweaty toes dry and happy! The antibacterial properties also keep away any unwanted toe fungus 😉

My favourite Lush Dusting Powders :

1) Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder
2) T for Toes
3) Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
4) Lustre
Make sure to test out each and every powder before you buy it! Everyone has a unique body chemistry, so essential oils smell differently on everyone!

The cornstarch and talc in the powders are the natural ingredients that make these products known for their powerful absorbing power. The texture is very fine and velvety soft. Honestly, for $6.95, these powders are a steal. It took me forever to finish one bottle and they have a pretty long expiration date considering it’s all natural and vegan to boot!

A sweat-free and vanilla scented hug,

Joy ❤


First Blog Post + Intro


My name is Joy and first, I thank you for visiting my blog!

Welcome to the non-existent three cups of joy fam 🙂

I’m not too sure where this blog will be heading but everything is 103% straight from my lovely heart in hopes of inspiring all you readers.

Describing Joy:

1) Canadian
2) Ultimate goal in life is to find true happiness
3) I live for peanut butter, pizza and sushi (certainly not all together at the same time)

I will be updating this blog frequently so be sure to come back soon! I hope y’all have a beautiful day because everyone deserves a cup of joy 😉

A queen-like wave that Queen Elizabeth will be proud of,